About Me!

My name is Joyce Dara and I am the Principal at El Sereno Middle School and Magnet Center.

Welcome to my Blog!

I love technology and I enjoy sharing my observations and information about events and school projects in a way that allows the opportunity to interact.

I welcome your comments and questions. I think that one example of how powerful technology is, is its ability to keep us connected long after our initial interactions and experiences.

Please visit often and leave a comment 🙂

Mi nombre es Joyce Dara y soy el director de El Sereno Middle School y Centro Magnet.

Bienvenido a mi blog!

Me encanta la tecnología y me gusta compartir mis observaciones e información sobre eventos y proyectos de la escuela de una manera que permite la oportunidad de interactuar.

Espero sus comentarios y preguntas. Creo que un ejemplo de cómo la tecnología es poderosa, es su capacidad para mantenernos conectados mucho después de nuestras interacciones iniciales y experiencias.

Por favor, visite a menudo y dejar un comentario 🙂

12 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Thank you so much for creating this blog. Our son is starting 6th grade at El Sereno and we appreciate all of the information that your blog has provided us with so far. Have a great year! Terrazas Sáenz Family


  2. Hello Ms. Dara,
    I am a former El Sereno Middle school student. I am now a school Principal in an Elementary school. I am very excited about all the wonderful things you are doing at the school! Thank you for your dedication to my home town!!


    1. It’s so exciting to read your email. It’s be wonderful if you could come back and speak to the students at some time. Would you be willing to do that? At which school are you principal?


  3. Ms. Dara,
    Congratulations are in order! Your El Sereno Student Running Club completed the 2016 LA Marathon. 22 students, 6 ESMS teachers, 2 TA’s, 1 parent, 2 community members, and 2 student alumni equals a successful running team to inspire our students, families, school & community. This is a true showing of our IB profiles/ characteristics. Commitment to their academics as well as their physical training. Amazing students and staff! Thank you for supporting your staff and our children.
    Proud parent of an ESMS 7th grader


  4. Hola Ms Dara soy una madre de una niña que acaba de entrar al 6 grado, la cual ba a aocupar mucha ayuda espero contar con el apollo de todos los involucrados en su aprendisaje. Espero tener el plaser de saludarla y conbersar con usted lo que sera lo mejor para mi hija.


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