Do Attempt Or Make Attempt?

What does it mean to attempt something?

verb (transitive) 1.

to make an effort (to do something) or to achieve (something); try.


to try to surmount (an obstacle).

What does do not attempt mean?

: to not try He made no attempt to apologize.

What does good attempt mean?

: a good effort or attempt to do something Nice try. I’m sure you’ll do better next time. —usually used in an ironic way to say that an attempt at something was not very good or was not a nice thing to doNice try, but you’re not going to trick me this time.

What does solo attempt mean?

a. any performance, mountain climb, or other undertaking carried out by an individual without assistance from others. b. (as modifier) a solo attempt.

What is the noun form of attempt?

attempt. noun. noun. /əˈtɛmpt/ 1[countable, uncountable] an act of trying to do something, especially something difficult, often with no success I passed my driving test on the first attempt.

What does furiously mean?

adjective. full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged: He was furious about the accident. intensely violent, as wind or storms. of unrestrained energy, speed, etc.: furious activity.

How do you use attempt in a sentence?

Attempt sentence examplesThis would be the only attempt they would make. … I smiled in an attempt to calm her down. … He accepted the food well enough, but made no attempt to feed himself. … She gave up her attempt at relaxing, and abandoned the lawn chair.More items…

What does Endeavor mean?

1 : to attempt (something, such as the fulfillment of an obligation) by exertion of effort endeavors to finish the race. 2 archaic : to strive to achieve or reach. intransitive verb. : to work with set purpose. endeavor.

Is Attemption a word?

Ouch. The word attempt can also be used as a noun. It’s an honest effort to do something. … The noun attempt can also mean an attack on a person or place, but in this case, it’s best to hope that the attempt is not on your life.

What does a good effort mean?

It means you made a good attempt on the exam, but perhaps did not answer everything correctly. The teacher can see that you worked hard on it.

What is the similar meaning of attempt?

Some common synonyms of attempt are endeavor, essay, strive, and try. While all these words mean “to make an effort to accomplish an end,” attempt stresses the initiation or beginning of an effort.

What is the opposite of attempt?

attempt. Antonyms: disregard, abandon, pretermit, dismiss, neglect, shun, drop. Synonyms: try, endeavor, strive, undertake, seek, essay, attack, violate, force.

How do you say nice try?

nice try / synonymsgood try.good attempt.good move.nice move.smooth move.good effort.good guess.good test.More items…

What seek means?

1 : to resort to : go to. 2a : to go in search of : look for. b : to try to discover. 3 : to ask for : request seeks advice. 4 : to try to acquire or gain : aim at seek fame.

How do you spell attempt?

How Do You Spell ATTEMPT? Correct spelling for the English word “attempt” is [ɐtˈɛmpt], [ɐtˈɛmpt], [ɐ_t_ˈɛ_m_p_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What type of word is attempt?

verb (used with object) to make an effort at; try; undertake; seek: to attempt an impossible task; to attempt to walk six miles.

What is the meaning of frustrated?

: a feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something : the state of being frustrated. : something that causes feelings of anger and annoyance. : the fact of being prevented from succeeding or doing something.

What does attempt mean in law?

Attempt is defined as an inchoate crime where an individual, with the intent to actually commit a crime, undertakes an action in furtherance of that crime, but ultimately fails.