Question: How Do I Connect My Kia UVO?

Can I unlock my Kia with my phone?

In simple terms, it means you’ll be able to use your smartphone, and an app, to unlock and start your Kia.

Access Your Vehicle Remotely With UVO, you can simply use the Remote Lock/Unlock setting right from the app on your smartphone..

Is there an app to start my Kia?

According to Kia, owners can ask Google Assistant to start or lock their cars, to start and stop battery charging, the climate control system, or the horn and lights. … Google Assistant is available on select Android and Apple iPhone phones, smart speakers like Google Home, and select tablets.

Can I add uvo to my Kia?

To get the most out of your UVO eServices system is to integrate your compatible smartphone with your Kia vehicle. … The free UVO eServices app is available at theApp StoreandGoogle Play Store. Get the UVO eServices App. Conveniently get access to UVO eServices through the app with your smartphone.

Does Kia UVO have remote start?

With certain hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicle models like the Kia Optima Hybrid, Kia Optima PHEV, Kia Niro, and Kia Niro PHEV, Kia UVO Eco Services gives you the ability to access and turn on climate control using the Kia UVO remote start app even when you’re not in or near your car.

Do all Kias have uvo?

UVO has usually existed in three incarnations. With the announcements of the 2019 Kia Optima, 2019 Kia Sorento and 2019 Kia Soul, Kia has changed these up. Here are the new UVO systems that are included in most 2019 Kia vehicles: UVO play – Starts with a touchscreen and gives you access to radio presets and more.

How much does Kia UVO service cost?

The Care package costs $100/year and adds these features: Vehicle Alarm Notification. Curfew Alert. Roadside Assistance.

Can Kia track a stolen car?

In case of a vehicle theft, UVO Emergency Rescue Center supports for effective and fast tracking of the stolen vehicle by providing the current location and the driving route to the police in real-time. … The service is provided only for the UVO Services subscribers.

How do I remote start my Kia Sorento 2020?

Operation of SystemTo Start: Press lock 3 times on the OEM key FOB.To Stop: Press lock 3 times on the OEM Key FOB.Parking Lights will illuminate during remote start mode.Run time is 15 minutes.All doors, hood and hatch/trunk must be closed.The vehicle will NOT shut off when the door is opened.

How do I connect my uvo to my Kia Selto?

How to connect to UVO Infotainment System in a Kia vehicleMake sure Bluetooth is turned on in your smartphone’s settings.Press the “i” key on your Kia vehicle.Select “Setup” on the touchscreen display.Select “Phone” on the touchscreen display.Select “Bluetooth Connection” on the touchscreen display.Select “Add New” on the touchscreen display.More items…•

Is UVO Kia free?

UVO eServices is a subscription-free infotainment and telematics service available on select Kia vehicles. The system allows users to make hands-free calls on their smartphone, stream music, navigate to saved points of interest, and perform vehicle diagnostics with the use of voice commands.

Purchase/lease of certain 2019 and newer Kia vehicles with UVO link includes a complimentary 1-year subscription starting from new vehicle retail sale/lease date as recorded by the dealer. … UVO link features may vary by model, model year, and trim level.

How much does Kia UVO cost?

Kia’s UVO Intelligence, and What You Need To Know UVO Lite is complimentary for 5 years with the purchase of a new eligible Kia car. UVO Care is $9.99 a month or $99 annually, UVO Plus is $22.50 a month or $225 annually, and lastly UVO Ultimate is $29.79 a month or $297 annually.

Can I start my car with UVO?

With UVO, you can start the car when you’re about 10 minutes out and have a nice, toasty car with most of the snow melted off the windshield. With a fob remote start, you have to wait until you arrive at the station and walk to the parking lot and get close enough to start the car.