Quick Answer: Will High Flow Cats Void Warranty?

Do you need two catalytic converters?

Catalytic converters were first put into use in the 1970s in response to the growing pollution problem in cities throughout the U.S.

Today, all road-legal cars must, by law, be equipped with a catalytic converter and some even have two..

Will a tune void my warranty?

Aftermarket replacement parts will not void your new car’s warranty. However, modifying or tuning your car might run afoul of your car’s warranty coverage. … This Act spells out what warrantors can and cannot do in connection with the warranties they provide with their products.

Will a high flow cat pass inspection?

That being said, if you put a 200 cpi metallic high flow cat on your car it will most likely pass the tailpipe emissions test once warmed up AND it will only fail the visual test if the tech actually crawls under your car to verify the cat stampings.

removing the secondary cats is against federal law, so any state inspection regardless of being part of CARB or not should fail you.

How much does a secondary cat delete cost?

Post approx price for the custom SECTION 1 or SECTION1+2… 299 for Borla cat delete pipes. They go from the DPs back to behind where the secondary cats used to end. I paid $150 to replace cats, resonators, and all crushed piping.

Are secondary Cats necessary?

The secondary cats have no role whatsoever in O2 sensor function or emission control feedback function.

Do headers void warranty Camaro?

Yes, headers are part of the exhaust system and therefore don’t void your warranty, but if you TUNE your car your warranty is gone. So if something does go wrong you won’t be all good.

Does removing cats void warranty?

Removing the cats (primary or secondary) can void drivetrain warranty. Whether or not a dealership acts upon this will depend on all sorts of variables, including the situation at hand.

How much HP gain from high flow cat?

The amount of horsepower you will get from a high flow catalytic converter depends on your engine and the modifications you have made to it. You may see a horsepower gain of as little as 5 hp or as much as 60 hp. You may also get an extra 5-60 ft lbs of torque.

Will headers void warranty?

Long tube headers, high-flow cats and aftermarket exhaust will only void your warranty on your headers, cats, and exhaust system. Obviously, if you get this stuff installed and there’s an exhaust leak, and you take it to the dealership, they will not cover it under warranty.

Do you have to tune after installing headers?

It’s Long Tube Header Season, better known as “Corvette Christmas”. … The second thing you need to know is that you will have to tune your Corvette after installing Headers. Installing Long Tube Headers will drastically change your fuel map and your Corvette will be running Lean.

Do high flow cats increase sound?

Yes, high flow cats are less restrictive than stock and will allow more sound to pass through your exhaust system.

Are high flow cats illegal?

Absolutely, not all 200 cell cats are legal, but 200 cell is the highest flowing cat that is. No one will know you have 100 cell cats until you need to get an emissions test. If you do, it will fail and you will have to fit cats that comply so you can pass. There is no fine for having non efficient cats, just no cats.

Will high flow cats throw a code?

Yep, hi-flow cats will throw codes 99% of the time.