Quick Answer: Will You Ever Forget Those Happy Days Change The Voice?

Can we ever forget those happy days rewrite as an assertive sentence?


We cannot forget those happy days..

Who can forget those happy days?

Answer. Hey mate! No one can forget those happy days.

Why should you suspect me change the voice?

The given sentence is in active voice. Active Voice : Why should you suspect me ? … The given sentence, when converted to passive voice, is : Passive Voice : Why should I be suspected by you ?

Why should you suspect Arvind change into passive voice?

Answer:why should arvind be suspected by you? Explanation:because form of question in passive voice is as follows:interrogative word+ auxiliary verb+object……

What does he do there change into passive voice?

Answer. Answer: What is done by him there?

Does the voice change work once?

“Do this work at once” — Change this into passive voice. Passive Voice : ​Let it be done at once. Let this work be done at once.

Can you touch the sky turn into assertive?

Answer. Answer: we can’t touch the sky.

Who broke the voice when changing windows?

By who (whom) was the window broken – is the passive voice of the given sentence .

How do you change assertive sentences?

An assertive sentence can be changed into an interrogative sentence by putting the auxiliary verb before the subject. Assertive: She is my friend. Interrogative: Isn’t she my friend? Assertive: He has finished his work.

Did you ever see that film change the voice?

Answer. ACTIVE VOICE => Did you ever seen that film . PASSIVE VOICE => Did that film ever see by you .

Who can trust a liar change the voice?

Here is your answer: Active voice – Who can trust a liar? Passive voice – A liar can be trusted by whom? Hope it helps u.

What do passive voices want?

In order to convert active into passive, it is important to omit primary auxiliary verbs such as do, does or did. Words such as why, what and when remain at the same position as in the active voice.  So, the correct answer is what is wanted by you.

Who can control the wind into assertive?

Assertive sentence: Nobody controls the wind.

What can one person do change into assertive?

Answer. Explanation: hy , one person can do anything .

Who killed the man eater change the voice?

Answer. Answer: The Man-eater was killed by them.

Can a man change his skin change into assertive sentence?

Can a man change his skin? Assertive – A man can not change his skin.

What is the passive voice of shall I ever forget those happy days?

Answer Expert Verified ⚫sentence in passive voice :- shall those happy days ever be forgotten by me ? ➡here , verb change took place from forget to forgotten , hence sentence is changed into passive voice.