What Does A Bridging Visa Entitle You To?

Eligibility for payments If you’re an Australian resident or a temporary visa holder, you may be eligible for some payments.

You may need to meet a qualifying residence period or newly arrived resident’s waiting period, unless you’re exempt.

Other waiting periods may also apply..

How long can you stay in Australia on a bridging visa?

three monthsBridging Visa B Important things to note about a BVB: Generally, this visa is only valid for three months so after it is granted you will need to be back in Australia before the three months is up. Due to the three month time limit, you should only apply for the BVB 2-3 weeks before you intend to travel.

How long do you have to be in Australia to get citizenship?

four yearsAfter becoming a permanent resident of Australia, you must actually live in Australia for four years before applying for citizenship. One year out of the four must have been spent as a permanent resident. The other three years can come from time spent in Australia before you became a permanent resident.

Asylum seekers who are granted bridging visas are not eligible for social security payments through Centrelink and are not provided with public housing. Asylum seekers may be provided with support to help them with the initial transition from immigration detention to living in the community.

Is bridging visa A eligible for Medicare?

Yes, general health care and pharmaceutical assistance. Bridging visa holders with work rights have access to Medicare, but otherwise there is no access to health care other than through pro- bono medical professionals. In some instances a Health Care Card may be granted.

How long does bridging visa A take to process?

In our estimates, for low risk countries it will take about 1 day to 6 weeks for a student visa to be processed. For high risk countries, applying for a student visa takes about 4 – 8 weeks. Also if you are including your partner on a visa, you can expect it to take about 6 – 12 weeks for a decision.

What happens if you leave Australia on a bridging visa A?

This is the only visa that allows you to leave Australia and return while your substantive visa is being processed. If you leave Australia whilst on any other class of bridging visa it will be cancelled upon your departure and you won’t be able to return.

How long can you leave Australia on a bridging visa B?

Your Bridging Visa B comes with a limited travel period based on the dates you requested and the information you provided in your application. It used to be that the travel period rarely exceeded 3 months, but my first BVB was approved for 4 months and my second for 12 months. Both of these were for personal travel!

How much does a bridging visa cost?

Applications are made to the Department of Home Affairs in person and at the time of writing, the fee is $140.00. Once the travel period ends and you have returned to Australia, the Bridging Visa B acts like the Bridging Visa A – it gives you permission to reside, work and study in Australia.

Can I leave Australia while waiting for permanent residency?

If you have a permanent residency, you can stay in Australia indefinitely as long as you never leave. The 5 year or 1 year expiry dates are for your authority to travel or remain outside Australia while still maintaining your status as a permanent resident.

Does bridging visa A allow you to work?

Employers should carefully check the work conditions on bridging visas, as holders do not always have full work rights. In general, a Bridging A visa will have the same work rights as the visa held at the time of application. … In other cases, the Bridging A will have unlimited work rights.

Is bridging visa automatically granted?

If you apply for a new visa before your current Substantive visa expires we will usually grant you a Bridging visa A (BVA) or alternative bridging visa. In most cases you apply for the bridging visa automatically as part of applying for a visa.